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Where Did We Go Wrong?

When did we go from living with the planet to living upon it?


4 thoughts on “Where Did We Go Wrong?”

  1. Second industrial revolution. Planet and Earth set aside and forgotten, seen just as a beauty to admire for the pleasure of the senses. Selfishness, egoism, mankind thinking he can survive through technology. Interesting question, I’m writing about it soon too:)

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    1. There are so many turning point in humanity. I appreciate the evolution of culture, but not society. I don’t understand why we have to be this way, Why did we change from a people living with the Earth? We could’ve easily adapted to living in harmony.
      I’m interested to hear what you have to say ! Thanks for being inspired by such a short post.


  2. I think that at some point in human history, we started taking the Earth for granted because we saw we could survive thanks to our own powers (Technology). The planet became a source of materials and ignorance (of what we know now about unrenewable sources) brought us to an intensive exploitation of the planet sources. Ignorance might be the main cause, i think. Thank you for your interest and your question. I’ll let you know when I’m writing something specific about it!

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