Late Night Thoughts That Don't Make Sense

Touch Me

Words only say so much

Speak to me in intimacy

Poetry is your hands on me

A book written upon our skins

A book of love; of life; of a journey

Pain like scars turned to shadows of memories

Memories like lessons

Lessons like experiences come together to create the intricate wisdom that is you.

Your marvelous insecurity, immaturity still feeding the drive

The drive to find yourself

Find yourself within me

Write your poetry

Explore your spirit within my own

Find a home within the reflection of your heart in my eyes

Let’s write.

Late Night Thoughts That Don't Make Sense

Joys of a Lava Lamp

Life is constant change. Always rolling, turning chaos 

It’s hard to see the beauty when you’re falling, like a giant blob, right to the bottom of the tank. 

At the end of a long day; in a dark, smokey room; it’s a calming chaos. The colours, bubbles, random patterns. 

Constant ebb and flow. Movement. Life. Looking at it from the outside in, it’s beautiful. 

-Late night dark thoughts trying to see the light